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Injection Molding
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Injection Molding
PIC – Producing various range of products where suites Industrial, agriculture & house hold sectors.
Baby Bath Tub A 5000 Big Hanger B4100 Small Hanger B4000 Bowl & Full Bowl B.14 - A9130 M- A9120 S-A9110 Buckets 22 Ltr .- A3220 16 Ltr - A3160 13.5 Ltr - A3130 9 Ltr - A3090 5Ltr - A3050 4 Ltr - A3040 3ltr - A3030
Crate Half Depth C1000 Crate Full Depth C1001 Disposable Cups with LID 500 ML 350ML 250ML Drums 70 Ltr - A7700 50 Ltr - A7500 30 Ltr - A7300 Fishing Wheel 230mm- F1230 185mm- F1185 165mm - F1165 125mm- F6125
Flower Pot Big F18800 Medium - F1400 Small - F1100 Sultan Flower pot Sultan pipe Ice Cream Container 0.5 Ltr Rect. Round 1ltr Rect.Round 2Ltr Rect.Round Industrial Bucket 13.5 Litre Paint drum A7130 Industrial Drums with ordinary lid 50 Ltr - A7510 50Ltr
Injection Moluding 007 Landry Basket Small & Big Rect Tray B- A46000 M.A4500 S.-A4400 Rectangular Stainer
A1750 Round Stainer A9000
Rectangular Tupperware B- B4440 S-B3420 Rectangular Tupperware B.- B4440 S.-B3420 Rect Paper Basket A 1000 Rect Tray 14 A4140 Round Tray 13 A4130 Round Tray 12 A4120 Oval Tray 10 A41000
Round Tupperware B.-B3260 M.B3200 S.- B3180 Seeding Tray Strawberry pot Sweet Container 1kg - B31005KG - B1350 Round Ice Cream 0.5kg - B 3050 1kg - B3000 2kg - B3200
Wash Basin 32 Ltr. - A6320 15 Ltr - A6150 Wash Basin 50 ltr.Deep - A6600 50 Ltr. Flat - A6500 Water D 1180  
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